Sorcerer and The White Snake

Sorcerer and The White Snake

Sorcerer and The White Snake is very, very, very good movie! It has Kung Fu and everything! It’s an awesome movie and I love it! This movie has one of my
 favorite Kung Fu actors, Jet Li.

The movie has to do with two women snake demons that come up from the underworld, and all of these other demons that come up with them. The Shaolin monks have to stop them. Then 
there are different demons, the first one is a snow demon with some kind of silver sword, and there’s the fox demons which suck the life out people.
 Then there’s a bat demon that bites people, and turns them into bat demons.

The thing I like most about this movie is the Kung Fu, its great! This movie is the best Kung Fu movie I’ve ever seen! Then my next favorite movie would be Jet Li Fearless, then it would be Killer Master (36th Chambers of Shoalin), other than that, its great!.

Here’s a trailer:

Here’s a link to the free movie:


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